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Shower gel enriched with pure essential oils, such as BERGAMOT/ EUCALYPTUS, to clean and nourish skin and hair.

  • Pleasant, refreshing shower gel on a natural basis and in various scents for a refreshing start or end of the sports and working day.
  • This shower gel is used to cleanse your skin and hair and contains essential oils.
  • An indispensable shower product that belongs in every sport bag and bathroom.
  • Eucalyptus scent (blue color): this product was developed at the request of top athletes to open the airways in the morning while taking a shower. More oxygen = more performance.
  • Bergamot fragrance (green color): this shower gel is highly valued in the cycling peloton to use after the race or training. This shower gel gives a refreshing and uplifting feeling after strenuous efforts.
  • Also 2 fine quality products for the whole family.


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