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Ready to experience the ultimate freedom while running? These Athletics Free Shorts will be your companion while out on the road, trail, or track.

This Athletics Free Shorts are developped to offer the ultimate freedom of movement while running no matter the intensity or the length of your run.


The shorts also feature an zippered back pocket, providing safe storage for your keys, cards, or pocket money.


The waist drawcords allow for a personalized waist fit.



Integrated Mesh Inner Brief - adds an extra level of breathability to your summer run.


1 Zippered Back Pocket - Safe storage for your valuables such as keys, cards, or some pocket money.


Waist drawcords - Adjust it to your liking for a personalized waist fit.


Lightweight & Breathable Fabric - Gives you the ultimate freedom of movement as you will barely notice you are wearing it.


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Estimated ordering time 6-7 weeks
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