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• Lycra fabric

• Mesh bibs

• Silicone leg grippers

• 3/4 length

• Vapor pad recommended


Looking for all-round 3/4 cycling bibtights to cover all your rides? With the Icon 3/4 Bibtights, you go for comfortable cycling bibtights featuring a high-end pad.

For the Icon 3/4 Bibtights, we recommend the Vapor pad. Support and perforations in the right places ensure breathability and optimal regulation of moisture. The Vapor 3D webbing technology offers comfortable damping. This makes you sit more comfortably on your saddle.

The lightweight mesh bibs allow extra ventilation and optimal pressure distribution. The silicone leg grippers ensure that your cycling bibtights remain perfectly in place during the entire ride.

The following option is available: reflective details.


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Estimated ordering time 6-7 weeks
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