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  • Comfortable body fit - Comes with a sleek look without compromising on comfort.
  • 3 back pockets - The perfect place to store and grab your bars and energy gels while out on the road.
  • Tempest Light fabric - This fabric offers you the ideal mix of light insulation and high breathability to keep your core temperature stable during your mid-season ride. 
  • Durable Water Reppelent treatment - Let rain drops easily roll off this jacket as it protects you from a light to moderate rain during your ride.

Looking for an all-round cycling jacket for your event or corporate cycling team? With the Icon Ride Tempest Light Jacket, you go for a classic mid-season jacket.

As “the original custom brand in cycling apparel” we offer you a wide range of opportunities to customize this jacket entirely to your event or corporate branding. Create your own design or collab with one of our designers.

Custom options:

Sublimation - Full
Covered zipper


SKU: 51570
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Estimated ordering time 6-7 weeks
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