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Since 2014, our Easyfit overshoes have been a tremendous success. Based on this overshoe, we’ve developed a new pair of overshoes, made with the latest generation of neoprene, 3DNEO.


3DNEO is nothing less than revolutionary. It is lighter than regular neoprene, whilst still having the same insulating qualities. The outer layer bears resemblence to regular neoprene and protects against the elements. The inner layer is a 3D weaving and is filled with tiny holes of air. It is this little feature that keeps your feet extra warm without the thickness of regular neoprene.


Kevlar inserts around the heel and cleat box improve wear and tear resistance. The high ankle cuff is finished with a Powerband antislip. Reflective YKK zip with waterproof coating means putting them on and taking them of can be done in a matter of seconds.


65,00 €Price
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