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Ultimate cooling, ultimate aerodynamics.

The Speedwear Concept line, feauturing GR+ (Graphene), as raced by selected athletes during these games, is our latest development in performance cycling wear.

Beside, speedwear concept is the fastest aerodynamic gear on the market, it keeps you cool when the going gets tough.

Size advice: If you’re not comfortable with a tight fit, we advise to select one size up.


129,00 €Price
  • Graphene* 3D webbing
    Aerodynamic Airstripe sleeves
    Integrated gripper functionality.
    Gradual compression.
    4 way stretch smooth body for a soft hand feel.
    2 way stretch back for a vertical block. Moisture wicking breathable.
    4 way stretch pockets. Soft hand feel
    Lightweight material


    * Graphene is an heat conductor, and several studies have found it to have unlimited potential for heat conduction based on the size of the sample, contradicting the law of thermal conduction in the micrometer scale. Graphene absorbs an unlimited amount of heat.

  • 0.2 kg

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